Commercial Mortgage Brokerage
About This Third-Party Service

Time Equities mortgage brokerage team stands on the foundation of strong relationships. These relationships endure throughout the complexities of the financing and refinancing process, while withstanding the changes in the lending environment. TEI develops long-term relationships between the mortgage broker, borrower and lender. Whether you are a property owner, developer or cooperative, We will work hard to provide you with the best and most competitive financing in today's market.

With more than a 20-year track record as leading mortgage brokers, placing over $2 billion dollars of financing. We bring this experience to benefit both co-ops and other building owners. As the leading developer in cooperative conversions in New York, we have obtained financing/refinancing for hundreds of underlying co-op mortgages. Whether you are looking for $500,000 or $300,000,000, at TEI, every loan is important. Due to our long-standing relationships with over 100 institutions, we are able to arrange fast, creative and flexible loans. Our success stems from our knowledge of the various markets and sub-markets, as well as our ability to present your transaction in the best and strongest light possible. We have a proven ability to solve unusual problems, offer fresh insight into loan structures and offer creative solutions. Whether you need a long-term fixed rate loan to acquire a property or to refinance, a construction loan, a bridge loan or a cooperative underlying mortgage, we are ready to assist you.

"Time Equities Acquires Three Shopping Centers in Maryland, Indiana and Mississippi for $23.4 Million" @Timeequities