Office Condo Brokerage
About This Third-Party Service

Time Equities, Inc. is proud to have played a part in helping New York office renters become owners since 2007. We have focused on converting existing office buildings to Office Condominiums and providing full-service buildings with professional real estate management to help our clients experience the benefits of ownership without the headaches of management.

Advantages to Office Condominium ownership include freedom from the unpredictable and stressful renting cycle, flexibility of maintaining your own space and control of planning for the future with stable and predictable costs. Companies and investors now have the opportunity to own space in some of Manhattan's most important commercial districts, eliminating wasted monthly expenses and experiencing the value offered in a long-term investment. In addition, non-profit businesses have the further benefit of being exempt from paying real estate taxes.

Our Office Condo buildings are strategically located in Manhattan's prime commercial districts and are just steps from the city's largest transportation terminals. Our properties offer business owners and real estate investors the countless benefits of office ownership. These benefits include fixed mortgage payments, favorable lending rates, long-term investment advantages and a higher level of control—plus the amenities of a full-service building.
Our wide-ranging experience in Office Condominiums includes the conversion of existing office buildings, renovation and construction, architectural services and brokerage. Our team has closed transactions ranging from 327 square feet to 50,000 square feet and can help you find the office space that meets your specific needs. As market-leaders in Office Condominium conversion and sales, combined with the support from our construction, architecture and management divisions, we can guide you through the ownership process seamlessly from beginning to end, whether you are a first-time buyer looking to own, a landlord converting a building, or an existing owner interested in selling.

For more information, please contact Nadja Galloway at [email protected] or (212) 206-6017.

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