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About This Third-Party Service

Time Equities, Inc. exclusively represents an extensive portfolio of leased space in Manhattan. We offer the property owners a full-service approach to building management for buildings of all sizes. We provide a complement of in-house services including leasing, management, legal, architectural and construction.

If you are a tenant looking for office space in Manhattan, Time Equities, Inc. specializes in Midtown, Midtown South and Downtown marketplaces catering to creative, fashion and government non-profit tenancy and can help the property owner find, negotiate and build their new office space. Our wealth of experience as landlords in Manhattan for over 40 years bring our clients the same tools and information available to landlords.

We are pleased to present consultation, brokerage services and commercial office space to your company seeking to lease space in New York City. We specialize in commercial office or retail space in the boroughs of Manhattan & Brooklyn. Are you facing any of the following situations?

• Uncertain about renewing your lease
• In need of office or retail space for your business
• Not sure how to negotiate with a Landlord
• Not sure how much space you need
• Facing extreme rent increases and feeling priced out
• Facing displacement due to conversion or development
• Occupying outdated space/Need for new or renovated space
• Needing expansion/satellite space
• Needing to reduce space
• Requiring a new design for efficiency and change of use
• Needing temporary or partial occupancy space

If any of these situations apply to you or your business, we can provide guidance to effectively find a resolution. Listed here are a few of our services that could be beneficial to your business:

- Information on market rental rates and general landlord concessions
- Tenant/Landlord market trends
- Consultation services to answer any questions about the real estate market
- Brokerage services to facilitate your lease negotiations
- Assistance to aid your business in locating the right office or retail space for your size & use
- Project management services to assist you with design, construction and renovation of your space

We look forward to hearing from you! Please click this email link to contact Nadja Galloway, NY Commercial Leasing and Sales Broker, for your office or retail brokerage needs. 

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